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Smell of Comfort Food Stimulates Good Feelings

Written by Jennifer Dublino, on April 5th, 2012

A recent study in the UK has found that the smell of baked potatoes triggers positive memories and feelings. Subjects presented with a piping hot baked potato reported an uplifted mood and a rush of childhood memories. The head researcher, Dr Avinash Kant, pointed out that the smell triggered the emotions experienced when the subjects first had the food, such as being with grandparents, dinner with the family or a bonfire.

He further enlarged his findings beyond the potato to other food smells. This explains the age-old real estate tactic of baking chocolate chip cookies or apple pie when perspective buyers visit a house for sale. It also explains why the smell of vanilla can calm anxiety in patients undergoing a medical diagnostic procedure.

What food smells bring you back to your childhood or other positive memories?

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