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Legislative committee gives study to KLJ

Written by Neutral Scent Marketing Author, on November 21st, 2011

Engineering firm Kadrmas Lee Jackson will spend the next year developing a projection on where the state’s energy industry is heading and its impact on the state.

KLJ was chosen Thursday over a New York City based firm, The Louis Berger Group Inc. to conduct the study. cheap jerseys The two firms pitched their study proposals to members of the interim Energy Development and Transmission Committee.

Project Manager Mike Wamboldt there is a wealth of information already available that will aid in the speed of conducting the study. He said KLJ would focus on a five year projection because after that, projections increasingly become guesswork in the energy industry.

Wamboldt said KLJ would first review existing material and gather comments. From there it would validate updated information from industry. Lastly would come a modeling of information and analysis before final publication. KLJ has until early October 2014 to submit its final report.

The Louis Berger Group’s proposal differed in scope. Holly Bender with the Louis Berger Group outlined their proposal.

After launching the project, the group would look at the tax code and projections for energy production.

“We would also develop case studies based on other states,” Bender said.

That would be in order to determine whether changes to the state’s tax code can help the state become more competitive in attracting capital. From there they would project the impact on the tax revenues, determine environmental and infrastructure impacts and then issue a final report.

Lawmakers said both companies had solid proposals.

“I think KLJ is probably a bit ahead of the curve in getting information,” Rep. Peter Silbernagel,Rep. Todd Porter, R Mandan, agreed. He said the five year timeframe KLJ advocated would provide the most accurate picture for making long term tax and infrastructure policy decisions.

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