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Crowdsourced Fragrance Creation?

Written by Jennifer Dublino, on August 25th, 2011

Selene GomezTeen singing star Selena Gomez has decided to come out with a perfume. Really nothing new, just another celebrity fragrance right? In a break from the normal procedure, Ms. Gomez is not planning to tap into her own favorite fragrance notes or work to create a particular mood or idea through the perfume. She is throwing the fragrance selection back to her fans and potential buyers, asking them what smells they like. It’s like a signature scent without the signature.

Once the selection process begins in the fall, fans will be directed to www.selenagomezperfumes.com to vote on the scent components they think should be in the perfume. As a guideline, Ms. Gomez has hinted that the scent should be “romantic and sweet.”

What do you think of crowdsourced fragrance creation? Comment below!

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