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Guide to Scent Marketing Groups

Written by Jennifer Dublino, on July 27th, 2011

Although the Scent Marketing Institute is the oldest and most respected scent marketing organization, there is a new association for the scent marketing industry: the Independent Aroma Group. Several SMI supporters have asked me about the Independent Aroma Group (IAG) and how it differs or overlaps with the Scent Marketing Institute, and I am happy to explain.

The two organizations serve the international scent marketing industry, but that is where the similarity ends.

Scent Marketing Institute
The Scent Marketing Institute’s mission is to support the scent marketing industry by:

  • Providing education to scent companies about the latest innovations, research and technology
  • Expanding the overall market by promoting the use and benefits of scent marketing to brand owners, marketing agencies and the press
  • Defending the use of fragrance whenever it comes under attack, whether by scent hating individuals, in the media or in legislation
  • Serving as a unified voice of the scent marketing community

While SMI provides research and education to scent marketing companies, many of its activities and focus are outward facing, to promote, explain and defend scent marketing to those outside the industry (brand owners, marketing agencies, the media and government organizations).

Membership in SMI is open to any dues-paying company that manufactures, uses or sells scent, fragrance, scented products or scent-related equipment.

Independent Aroma Group

The IAG is a buying group for the scent marketing industry. It is a commercially focused, transaction based group. Its mission is to facilitate and encourage buying and selling among group members.

IAG’s membership is limited by territory and applications must be reviewed and approved before the applicant is accepted.

As you can see, the two groups do not overlap in their goals and therefore do not compete. Membership in one group does not preclude the other.

It is our view that if you are in the scent marketing industry, you need to be a part of the Scent Marketing Institute. Because scent marketing is a growing field, any initiatives that expand the overall demand for scent marketing benefit everyone in the industry. The more support we have from members, the more we can do to help you.

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