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Transgender child’s puberty

Written by Neutral Scent Marketing Author, on July 17th, 2011

Supreme Court judge has ruled that an 11 year old child diagnosed with gender dysphoria should have a legal representative in a parental dispute over medical treatment. pandora earrings in court documents, was born female and started transitioning to become male earlier this year with a treatment that includes taking a puberty blocking drug.

After his father launched legal action to try to stop the drug treatment, Justice Ronald Skolrood appointed a litigation guardian to represent the child. took him to buy sports bras last year, he became distraught, prompting his mother to take him to several doctors. believes that his child is being directed by a group of transgender activists and that he has concerns about what he believes is a dangerous drug.

The guardian can also provide the child with “something of a buffer from the acrimony existing between his parents,” the judge said.

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