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One Spritz or Two? Tetley Launches Tea Scented Perfume

Written by Jennifer Dublino, on May 31st, 2011

Based on research pinpointing tea as one of Britain’s favorite smells, tea maker Tetley has introduced Le Brew, a limited edition tea scented perfume. In addition to the tea, the scent contains tones of oak moss and clary sage, and is intended to smell fresh and spring-like.

The bottle, retailing for fifteen pounds, features Tina, one of Tetley’s cartoon “tea folk.” Because of its low price and tongue-in-cheek publicity hawking Le Brew as Tina’s signature scent, we can hardly expect Tetley to become a force in the perfume world; it is more of a PR stunt. However, it is a wonder that the tea giant has not thought of using Le Brew at the point of sale to stimulate sales of its core product. Come on, Tetley, you’re so close to really doing something to boost sales…

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