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Brexit Remainers get no mercy from Leaver Elizabeth Hurley

Written by Neutral Scent Marketing Author, on February 10th, 2010

Brexit Remainers get no mercy from Leaver Elizabeth Hurley

The time for EU referendum catfights is over and unity should prevail. But some are still in the mood for battle. Elizabeth Hurley, actress, swimwear designer and prominent Brexiteer, has taken a swipe at mourning Remainers.

“I will allow myself to be rude about the hordes of post Brexit whingers who claim to love democracy but object violently to anyone who disagrees with them,” she writes in this week’s Spectator. “Bring it on, you ranting luvvies, fat cat bankers and multinational corporations. Continue to alienate the humble voice of Middle England,” she continues. “Knock yourselves out calling us ill educated Neanderthals and spit a bit more venom. You are showing yourselves in all your mean spirited, round headed, elitist glory, and what an unappealing lot you are.”

Hurley’s stance is not surprising. Currently playing Queen Helena in The Royals, she had previously declared her vote in the spring. “If it means we can go back to using decent lightbulbs,” she proclaimed, “(60 watt, peach coloured, both bayonet and screw in) and choose high powered hairdryers and vacuum cleaners. I’m joining Brexit, for sure.” It was, in fact, Hilary Benn, when he was Environment Secretary, who proposed to phase out energy guzzling lightbulbs, but facts were never sacred in the debate.

In conclusion Hurley has a word of advice on Project Fear. “Note: you attract flies with honey, not vinegar; small wonder the majority of the country flew in the opposite direction.”

Many of the “ranting luvvies” she speaks of were well represented in the 250 celebrities who publicly signed a pro EU letter just months ago. Will there be heated conversations on the next red carpet?

As visceral lacerations go, “Tony Blair is a narcissist with a messiah complex who lives a tragic life” might be enough for one man. Not so, for novelist Robert Harris. “Blair’s defence is a squid’s ink of minutiae, hypotheticals, counter factuals, nit picking, non sequiturs post hoc rationalisations,” the former friend of the PM tweeted as the Chilcot report unfolded. Surely time for a sequel to The Ghost, which assassinated Blair’s character in more ways than one.

Fact or fiction, there’s no escape for Blair

Tony Blair may have hoped he’d be spared further literary cameos but no such luck. The Allegations, the new novel by Mark Lawson, comes out next week and features a TV historian who is celebrating his 60th birthday. He is treated to a video message from Blair, “boyishly thin and honey tanned”, and “squinting into the sun under a palm tree by a pool with golden minarets in the distance”.

The real life Blair may be relieved at the initial reception of the fictional speech but there’s always one who is less kind. “The room filled with applause,” Lawson writes. “Except for one yell of ‘war criminal!’” He’ll be used to that by now, at least.

You wait weeks for a summer party, then they all come at once. The Londoner was at the HarperCollins bash at the V last night, The Art Fund’s soire then the Serpentine’s annual knees up. But we ended up at Shoreditch House, for Warner Music Group and British GQ’s Summer Party in Association withQuintessentially. Mingling on the roof werechef Gizzi Erskine, rapper Professor Green and TV presenter Darren Kennedy also there was Dua Lipa andfellow singer Charli XCX, who was on the decks. Footballer Peter Crouch wasn’t watching Wales in the Euro 2016 semi final. “I would,” he said, “but I said yes to this a month ago.” Manners maketh the man.

Petsy’s not for sitting on the fence .

When Michael Gove withdrew his support for Boris Johnson’s potential Tory leadership campaign, many saw it as a Brutus like betrayal, and those acquainted with both men have had to choose their allegiances. So The Londoner was thrilled tosee Petronella Wyattamidst the crowds at The Spectator’sWestminster headquarterslast night, where the magazine threw itsannual summer party.

Wyatt, who goes way back with both Johnson and Gove, has picked her side. “I think Michael Gove behaved disgracefully,” she told us.”I think it’s a great loss because [Boris] is not only one of the most able politicians of this generation but someone who really loves his country.

“I was very sad about what happened. I think it was absurd of Michael to suddenly say at the last minute that he didn’t like Boris’s way of working, because everyone knows Boris is a great worker.

“I think it was ruthless, unfair and quite despicable.”

For Wyatt, the move was a mark of weak character. “I cannot bear politicians who bang on about their principles, and any politician who says ‘I’m so principled’ but will sacrifice their friends and their principles.

“There’s something curiously unattractive and unBritish about it. Gove has plastic grass, he’s a massive geek. And his wife is a shocker.” Don’t pull any punches, Petsy.

Lord Coe: athlete, politician and careers adviser? Sprinter Usain Bolt is interviewed in this month’s GQ by Alastair Campbell, and explains that the chairman of the 2012 Olympic committee has become something of a mentor when it comes to life beyond athletics.

“We’ve talked a couple of times,” Bolt says. “He said to me: ‘You cannot leave the sport. You cannot walk away totally when you stop racing’. If he finds me something to do, to travel, educate the younger kids, motivate, I will do it.”

Lord Coe knows about life after the limelight: after winning two Olympic golds he became a Tory MP, then chief of staff to William Hague, and has maintained strong links in Westminster. Couldn’t he arrange for Bolt to pick up the pace in parliament?

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